Issue of Shares Service

Including all compliance paperwork

£59.99 +VAT

Issue of Shares

The issue of shares is essentially the process by which companies create new shares to pass onto shareholders, who may themselves be new or existing shareholders. Companies can issue shares to both individuals and corporate bodies.

Details of share issues will not be updated on the Companies House register until after the filing of the next confirmation statement. Clients wishing to record share issues now, should file a confirmation statement. If share issues are required to open a business bank account, we always recommend filing a confirmation statement.

We can prepare a confirmation statement as part of this order – at an additional cost of £24.99 +VAT.

What is included in our price?

We will prepare the following documentation:

  • Application Letter: All shareholders wishing to buy new shares, should sign a letter addressed to the company, applying for new shares, and agreeing to take them in accordance with the company’s constitution.
  • Special Resolution (where applicable): If a company is issuing more shares to a new shareholder, the existing shareholder(s) must pass a special resolution to approve the increase in share capital and disapply pre-emption rights.
  • Meeting Minutes: Companies are required by Companies Act 2006 s.248 to maintain minutes of all meetings of the directors and for these to be available for inspection by any director. The directors should approve minutes to allot new shares to the persons applying for them.
  • Return of Allotment of Shares (Form SH01): This form is used to increase the share capital of a company, and it must be completed and delivered to Companies House within one month of any issue of shares, otherwise an offence is committed by every officer of the company who is in default (under Companies Act 2006 S. 557).
  • Share Certificate(s): Companies are required to issue share certificates to shareholders within two months of an issue of shares or the date when the documents necessary to effect the issue have been received by the company.

Issue of Shares

Click ‘Order’ and complete the application form with details of the limited company shares you wish to issue.

£59.99 +VAT Order

How it works:

  • Click on the ‘Order’ button.
  • Enter the required details and complete the application form.
  • Checkout and pay.
  • We will prepare Form SH01 and file it at Companies House online. We will also prepare all required documentation.
  • You will receive digital documents in 2-3 working days by email, including the application letter, board resolution, meeting minutes and share certificate(s).
  • The special resolution requires to be signed, and returned to our offices, for onward submission to Companies House.
  • If required we will file a confirmation statement to record the share transfer(s).

Please note:

  • Updated Statutory Registers are not included.
  • Documents will be delivered by email. Printed documents are available for an additional fee.
  • Changes will not be visible on public record until Form SH01 and a confirmation statement are filed at Companies House.

Full Company Secretary Service

A Confirmation Statement filing service is included FREE with our Full Company Secretary Service.

£149.99 per year

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